Monday, February 20, 2006

Daily Zen

Daily Zen is one of my favorite sites, every two weeks, or so, they post a historic text to contemplate and commentary to guide your enjoyment and journey. They are usually very timely and always insightful. Acompanied by lucious artwork, the whole site is an oasis in the crazy modern world. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 17, 2006

EDM # 51 - Our TV

EDM # 51 - Our TV
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Our TV with The Incredibles playing. Everyone in our family likes this movie, the kids have seen it about a hundred times and Ron & I have seen it almost that much. We finally bought the DVD for Christmas. There is a second DVD with special stuff on it including "Jack-Jack Attack," the short that features the baby's special powers. The kids and I have seen it MANY times and we all three still squeal when he does his "thing!!" There is also a short that features the talents of Bud Lucky, a veteran animator from the Disney studio (now at Pixar). If you're into animation, this film is a grand show! I made this with Pigma micron pens, Pigma brush pen, and PITT pens. I got the colors to blend in the reflection on the screen in a cool way but I goofed up the yellow color in the "i." In my hedgie on watercolor paper.