Monday, November 26, 2007

Drawing Grid - 5

Drawing Grid - 5
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You know, I really have funny things that trip my trigger. Like, when I'm drawing in my hedgie, I really like to use the .005 black Pigma Micron. It's point is micro tiny and scritches in the fibers of the watercolor paper of my book. If I draw fast, the line is faint and broken and if I draw slow, it's dark and clear, so, in a way, I can get some shading from it, if I put my mind to it and have the luxury of drawing for more than half a second at a time.

Writing is a different matter. I don't like scritchy when I write. I use a Uniball Vision Elite, I forget what size it is, really fine. And smooth paper. I have a writing journal I made for just writing in, but it's vanished in the Mess Monster of my house in the last couple months. Looking for it, if you see it, let me know, set it out where I can find it!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Winter Fun!

I love skating!! When I was a kid, Dad gave me some metal, strap-on rollerskates and "told" me how to skate on the front porch of our Smithville house. I'd take them to Mom's apartment and skate in the basement while she did laundry. Loud, noisy metal wheeled circles and figure 8s around the poles! Then, in school, there were the Girl Scout skating parties and the school skating parties. Skating with my friends in endless circles, doing spins in the middle...sometimes a boy to skate with in couples. Limbo, Hokey-Pokey, Snowball, Girls' Choice, all those games.... Glorious fun! Get home exhausted, fall asleep immediately!

Dad is an Olympics fan, the Winter Games especially. He and Mom had gone to Winter Park and learned to ski one year and he loved it. He bought us all skis and boots and took us out in the pasture and let us slide down little hills and side-step back up. Taught us to fall down and get back up in the living room. Then he would buy a case of video tapes and have my sister and I tape the Winter Games so he could watch when he got home from work (Twilight shift). His favorite are the Skiing events, of course, but mine are the skaters! Dorothy Hamill, Kristy Yamaguchi, Brian Orser, Brian Boitano, the pairs, Torville and Dean...I got ice skates for Christmas!! So, off we went to Iceland South, the Ice Chateau and Crown Center's Ice Terrace! I even got to take lessons one year! Little Waltz jumps and better stroking and turns from it.

I took Rianna and Geordan to the Ice Terrace Tuesday after school...look at the Bear Cub's face...we had fun!! We'll do this some more!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nail Clipper - Wednesday Grid

Nail Clipper - Wednesday Grid
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I'm letting the kidlets sleep in this morning, they're getting harder and harder to wake up this week and they get harder and harder to calm down at night. Sugar moratorium? They're not eating but a peice or two of candy a day, I'm pretty strict about that, they're wound enough as it is. I try to make sure they have activities to help calm them before bedtime, they were coloring and cutting paper up. Then they started jumping around like monkeys! There goes the Adrenalin! Tell them to stop so their bodies can get sleepy...not much good, sit 'em in chairs with books...not after they've started, they just fret! Bedtime's rough!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Back to blogging and drawing and reading Everyday Matters again! I seem to need to do that when I've been on hiatus. Today I started a grid, haven't done one before. This is one of Rianna's tiny kitties that needed her bow retied this morning.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time to Get Back In The Saddle

Lugh Headstudy
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Or back in the drawing daily habit!! This is a new model I bought myself for my birthday last week. Neck's too skinny, face's too short & eye's enormous! Wow, I'm rusty!! Wish me luck keeping on the wagon!!