Monday, November 26, 2007

Drawing Grid - 5

Drawing Grid - 5
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You know, I really have funny things that trip my trigger. Like, when I'm drawing in my hedgie, I really like to use the .005 black Pigma Micron. It's point is micro tiny and scritches in the fibers of the watercolor paper of my book. If I draw fast, the line is faint and broken and if I draw slow, it's dark and clear, so, in a way, I can get some shading from it, if I put my mind to it and have the luxury of drawing for more than half a second at a time.

Writing is a different matter. I don't like scritchy when I write. I use a Uniball Vision Elite, I forget what size it is, really fine. And smooth paper. I have a writing journal I made for just writing in, but it's vanished in the Mess Monster of my house in the last couple months. Looking for it, if you see it, let me know, set it out where I can find it!!


caseytoussaint said...

This is a beautiful contour drawing.

cadiz12 said...

scritchy. what a great way to describe it!