Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Art--of a Different Sort

Destiny's Road Headstudy
Originally uploaded by SideShowMom.
My current subjects, if you've followed my Flickr photos, are mostly of the four-hooved nature. And, if you've known me for any length of time, it's about time! I've loved these animals all my life and this summer I turned my hand to painting models of them. My first two completed Customs (as repainted models are called in the hobby) went off to a contest some time ago to benefit a model horse community site I "live" on. The models I painted didn't win first or second place, or even Honorable mention, but they did get nice comments from the judges! Mind you, these are Breyer Stablemate-sized models, about 3 inches high by 4 inches long average, made of plastic in many different breeds and poses, all very realistically done! This one started life as a white horse with black spots, an Appaloosa. My daughter picked it out and promptly found out how easily their ears can break if dropped onto a wood floor. After some minor re-sculpting, he got painted. All the mold seams get smoothed and re-sculpt parts that got lost, ears get hollowed out, so does the nose, then the whole thing gets a dose of Krylon Primer. The primer gives just enough tooth for Unison dry pastels to adhere in layers, brushed on, building up the muzzle, eyes, mane and tail shading, sealing each layer with Matte Finish spray. The flea-bites are done in Prismacolor pencils, different colors, in layers like the pastels, to build depth and hair patterns that were carefully researched and referenced. Mane and tail details were added in CP, also, giving individual hairs definition and depth from the carved grooves and adding shading and striping and growth ring details to the hooves. Last were the eyes. 1/16th of an inch across, I used a 15/0 brush to paint them in 6 colors of acrylics with a dry touch of interference blue for the retinal reflective bit of 'life" in them. After sealing the entire model in several coats of Matte finish, the eyes, nostrils and hooves are given 2 coats of Gloss coat. Click on the photo to go to Flickr, click on "all sizes" to see the excruciating detail I put into these!!

Would you believe I forgot to sign them? Yup! Like I'd never made art before!!

The models in the contest were taken to the "Walkin' in a Mini Wonderland" live model horse show in Tucson, AZ on Dec 15. Destiny took 1st place and earned a North America Nationals Qualifier card in his class! The models were all auctioned on Ebay last weekend and this Jumper fetched $31! The other one I painted, a shaded grey Andalusian, brought $25.50!