Monday, June 30, 2008

Drawing People - I Don't Stink

My Cub, the MonkAs a reply to a thread on Everyday Matters, I said that I stink at drawing people, so I'd end up drawing things around my Aunt's house next weekend at the Reunion.  Well, Ms Kate set me in my place about that!  I went back through the sketches of my kids and did one of my Cub last night.  I don't stink, I just need more practice!My Cub, the Monk

Sunday, June 22, 2008

19th Worldwide Sketchcrawl - Our Second!

Cancer Survivor's ParkThe kids and I set out yesterday at midday and pointed the car toward Ward Parkway.  I got to the Plaza and turned to go through and the kids said they wanted to go to the Cancer Survivors Park on the Western edge of the shopping district.  The kids played a bit, letting me draw the view from my bench of the sculpture and the new building across the street.  We moved up the park to the front and it's new sculpture, a symbolic flame of hope.  I'll get a photo of it to get the colors in it.  It's really beautiful!Flame

I didn't get to sketch this one as long, little attention spans grow shorter, so I'll add color another day.  I did manage a quick 'nother sketch of the kidlets checkin' out the acoustical properties of the parking garage that abutted the park!

We wandered into the Unity Temple on the Plaza, a church in the Beaux Arts (or is it Arts & Crafts?) style that I had attended once upon a time with my mother.  On around the corner, I took them into the McDonald's in the lower level of Seville Square and showed them the Bas Relief Mural of Seville Spain that my husband helped design while he worked for Art Works in Chillicothe.  Echoes in the GarageI have an original ink on illustration board scale model of the final piece that he drew that I plan to frame when we get into a bigger place. 

Home for some rest and refreshment as the temperature climbed to about 85, then off to meet Daddy at Union Station for ice cream after work!  Some wriggly squiggles later, we headed out to Washington Park to run some outside and watch trains.  I worked on my perspective with the balustrade and park lamps.  Home, exhausted and sleepy!!Washington Park

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still Drawing!

Spray Park

Really!  I did this today while the kids were playing at the Loose Park Spray Park.  The sun came out right after we were done with our other adventures and warmed the day up just enough for them to enjoy the water and me to enjoy drawing without sweating too much!  There was a red tail circling, scribbled him in, too.


Fed Res Bank & A NapOver previous weeks, I did a few sketches here and there.  The sketchbook's full and I need to make another, but have other things demanding my attention.  I committed to spending less time on the computer and more time with kids' activities, so we're doing stuff together, more than we used to.  Last week, we enlarged our model horse stable.  I built box stalls out of foam board and the kids each have room for over 100 small models now.  This week, Rianna and I are making leather halters for our larger models.  She's seeing how they are constructed and learning to handle glues, wire, and a craft knife.

Swinging Girl