Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Young Illustrator in the Making

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We have, from Netflix, Disney's Haunted Mansion. The kids have watched about a dozen times this week and last night, as I was cleaning from supper, Rianna got this book out and illustrated her own version of the "legend" of the haunted mansion story. Very carefully, she drew each of the scenes and told me what each drawing was of and was very excited to do it! The best way to see them is to go to the Kids' Art set, they are in the proper order there.

Monday, April 24, 2006


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We did it!!! We survived and danced, too! Don't we look cool!

We (Marcy, aka Christiana and me, aka Vina) made our choreographic debut yesterday with our original dance to Raquy and the Cavemen's Caravan in the Shimmyfest recital of the Maya Zahira School of Bellydance. We also danced with our intermediate class to Paul Dinletir's Raks Africa. I was in the front row, next to our teacher Amara (whose photo is in my stream!), by accident, and nailed it!!!

(Click the photo to go to Flickr and mouse over it for notes)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Still Life" by Dave Gray

Still life
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One of my Flickr contacts is Dave Gray, his screen name is "dgray_xplane."

Dave is an artist.

His Flickr stream is a lovely place to hang out and just absorb light and beauty, photographs and paintings. Recently, he's uploaded a lot of his oil paintings.

I saw this this morning.

The composition is masterful. His whites are so full of color and light. The palette and tissue next to his he's just taking a break from his painting to make a painting.

I live within 2 miles of Thomas Hart Benton's studio/home, and the studio was left the way it was when he died, working at his easel on a painting. His palette's there and brushes and it looks like he is just taking a break and will be right back any minute to finish signing unintended homage.

Click the painting to go to a larger version and his Flickr stream!

I really love this Dave!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Brush Creek
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Well, I had a bit of a surprise when I woke up, my monitor shows blue, green and a tiny bit of red. I know it's either the vid card or the monitor (it's rebuilt). The monitor's had a problem for some time, though. Partway through the morning, it gets darker. So my photos have been a little off...I think. I try not to mess with them too much, just in case. Well, it's just time to get the new machine, finally. I've been using the kids' computer that we found, it's an old school computer with a Pentium MMX and a teeny hard-drive. I could do most things I needed to with it. I have my scanner, printer, mp3 player, an old version of Photoshop and my lickity-split Roadrunner. So we just let it limp along, trying not to fill it up, having Walgreens burn my photos to cds, not putting all my music on it, til now. When we get the new one, I'll wipe the drive on this one and give it back to the kids with a new monitor/video card.

We went to the library Saturday and the kids picked out some great books and played while I drew this scene out the window (that doesn't count as plein air, does it?). Anyway, it was lots of fun. April is poetry month and the kids and I made poetry pockets with styro desert plates and small poems to put in them. We found one by Shel Silverstien about homework that Rianna liked and made a new version about balls with the same form. She is such a creative kid, I hope no one squashes that! I plan to keep a close eye on her teachers (already do)!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


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"Shimmyfest" Dance Recital

Sunday April 23, 2006
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Event Location: Shawnee Civic Center, 13817 Johnson Drive, Shawnee KS

Doors open at 1 p.m.
Reception follows show.
$8 advance tickets, $10 at the door, Kids 8 to 12 $3, Kids under 8 are free

I am dancing a duet with my friend Marcy and with our class. My first performance!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

EDM Challenges #1 & #13

EDM Challenges #1 & #13
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I did most of this yesterday. At home I did the phone and at the park I did my shoe. I colored in the phone this morning in the same light. In my hedgehog!

New Book

New Book
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Another friend on EDM, Starr, had commented about my blog and how she was inspired by my drawing consistently and as a surprise Thank-you, she sent me Danny's book! Bless you Starr! I read it in one sleepless night and have loaned it to another friend who is an "artist-in-hiding"... for the time being!

What I'm Doing

East Belfast Beach
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I've been busy lately! A friend on Everyday Matters introduced me to Wet Canvas! a couple of weeks ago and I've done two of their Weekly Drawing Events! It's a really big art community site with tons of stuff and people and I'm finding my way around it. I got back to doing some tiny little ATC-sized paintings, this time more landscape-y than what I was doing for ATCs before. This one is from a photo by WDE host Barbara last weekend of a beach in Maine. Just 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches! You'll have to read these posts backwards to get it all...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Garden Panorama

Garden Panorama
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We went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead today, the second day they are open for the season. It was 73, a little windy, but gorgeous! The kids had a grand time and were good as gold! So, on the way home we stopped at Sonic and had a large chocolate shake! Yummy!

There is a new member in the Everyday Matters Yahoo group who said lots of complimentary things about my blog today. How it made a difference with her. I'll make sure I keep posting. If one person is touched by what I have to give, others are and haven't said so. Thank you Starr!

I have been working on a painting this weekend for a Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas! Diahn is hosting and I am working on something for her, so I thought I'd try. It's really amazing that a tiny little painting is taking me more than 3 days to get done. I've, maybe, put an hour's work into it. They are only supposed to have about 2 in them. Spending lots of time with the kidlets!