Saturday, April 22, 2006

"Still Life" by Dave Gray

Still life
Originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

One of my Flickr contacts is Dave Gray, his screen name is "dgray_xplane."

Dave is an artist.

His Flickr stream is a lovely place to hang out and just absorb light and beauty, photographs and paintings. Recently, he's uploaded a lot of his oil paintings.

I saw this this morning.

The composition is masterful. His whites are so full of color and light. The palette and tissue next to his he's just taking a break from his painting to make a painting.

I live within 2 miles of Thomas Hart Benton's studio/home, and the studio was left the way it was when he died, working at his easel on a painting. His palette's there and brushes and it looks like he is just taking a break and will be right back any minute to finish signing unintended homage.

Click the painting to go to a larger version and his Flickr stream!

I really love this Dave!


Sioux said...

Thanks for sharing that, Malinda.

Robyn said...

Thanks for the pointer to this chaps Flickr photostream. You really know you have made it when you have nearly 1400 contacts, like he does :-)

Scratches & Scribbles

Lindsay said...

Oh thank you for a lovely post!

Malinda said...

You ladies are very welcome! Thank you all!

dave said...

Thank you so much Malinda!