Sunday, April 02, 2006

Garden Panorama

Garden Panorama
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We went to the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead today, the second day they are open for the season. It was 73, a little windy, but gorgeous! The kids had a grand time and were good as gold! So, on the way home we stopped at Sonic and had a large chocolate shake! Yummy!

There is a new member in the Everyday Matters Yahoo group who said lots of complimentary things about my blog today. How it made a difference with her. I'll make sure I keep posting. If one person is touched by what I have to give, others are and haven't said so. Thank you Starr!

I have been working on a painting this weekend for a Weekend Drawing Event on Wet Canvas! Diahn is hosting and I am working on something for her, so I thought I'd try. It's really amazing that a tiny little painting is taking me more than 3 days to get done. I've, maybe, put an hour's work into it. They are only supposed to have about 2 in them. Spending lots of time with the kidlets!

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