Monday, April 17, 2006


Brush Creek
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Well, I had a bit of a surprise when I woke up, my monitor shows blue, green and a tiny bit of red. I know it's either the vid card or the monitor (it's rebuilt). The monitor's had a problem for some time, though. Partway through the morning, it gets darker. So my photos have been a little off...I think. I try not to mess with them too much, just in case. Well, it's just time to get the new machine, finally. I've been using the kids' computer that we found, it's an old school computer with a Pentium MMX and a teeny hard-drive. I could do most things I needed to with it. I have my scanner, printer, mp3 player, an old version of Photoshop and my lickity-split Roadrunner. So we just let it limp along, trying not to fill it up, having Walgreens burn my photos to cds, not putting all my music on it, til now. When we get the new one, I'll wipe the drive on this one and give it back to the kids with a new monitor/video card.

We went to the library Saturday and the kids picked out some great books and played while I drew this scene out the window (that doesn't count as plein air, does it?). Anyway, it was lots of fun. April is poetry month and the kids and I made poetry pockets with styro desert plates and small poems to put in them. We found one by Shel Silverstien about homework that Rianna liked and made a new version about balls with the same form. She is such a creative kid, I hope no one squashes that! I plan to keep a close eye on her teachers (already do)!


starrgirl's world said...

another nice page Malinda! and I do believe I'd count it as plein air. I like how you laid out the page and also how you used the library time to draw!

Victoria said...

Hello Malinda,

I have stopped by here to thank you for your comment on my set sketches. I enjoy your journals. My kids love Shel Silverstein too. Sorry to hear about your computer. My kids managed to destroy both my scanner and my cardreader:-(


Malinda said...

Starr, We have that brand new library there and it's huge childrens' collection is such a blessing! They made a perfect place to play and read and just be!

Victoria, the computer thing was just a glitch, it was fine the next day. Sort of a warning!

Thanks for coming here!