Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Recent Receipts

This is from a Spanish Mail Artist, J.M. Calleja. My thanks!

J.M. sent these two postcards.

This is the book from Kerrin Conrad's Whodunnit Mystery Swap on Carving Consortium. It is a well-done book with many great carvings and illustrations! That's a hypodermic pen on the cover, a nice little bonus!

This is from Eric Langolff of France. Eric received one of my mini Add-n-Pass books and sent me his and some art. Thanks, Eric!

Here is the cover of the book he sent.

and the back of it.

The interior is an A4 sheet folded and pasted into the covers. A nice variation of the one I sent.

He also included a postcard of his art. Nice painting!

I received these from Eric on September 9, 2004.
And his note to me.

On July 7, 2004, Susanna Ortlepp sent me this great stamped piece commemorating the Year of the Rubber Ducky.

Here's the back with a clever folded place for a souvenir stamp.

This is one of my new stickers to put on mail art.

And a jazzed-up version. Posted by Hello

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