Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Air Mail Carving

I got the itch this week and carved an airmailart stamp. That's my favorite plane, the Lockheed Super Constellation. We have one here at the Downtown Airport that flies around the country doing air shows kept up by a bunch of retired TWA mechanics, flight attendants and crewmembers. Posted by Hello


frips said...

hi melinda, frips here, i just wanted to tell you that i really like the airplane carving-is it an eraser carving? i found it on an envelop you sent me and i thought it was a mechanicalcarved one..

mailart regards


Malinda said...

Hi frips, I'm glad you like the stamp! It is an eraser carving, I found a photo of a Connie and a cool font at Acid Fonts and took them both into the PhotoShop for some MoJo! Then I carved it on a regular Staedtler Mars eraser from the art store.

I am flattered you thought it was mechanical! I just sent you some more mailart with it on it, too!