Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Here's the first reduction carving I did. This has 3 colors, the background is an old stamp pad and the other two are block printing inks. I did an edition of them as ATCs for trading on the ATC Exchange other groups I trade in. Posted by Hello


Howard Williams said...

I'm a bird lover, crows fascinate me. Any chance of getting a print of this? email would be fine, i would print it for my collection, with your permission of course.

Mike Lyon said...

Nice Crow, Malinda!

I'm partial to crows and to reduction printing, so you've hit a homer with me!

I've mostly been making Japanese technique woodcuts here in KC since about 1996 (although I make other stuff, too)... Lately I've been working pretty large, and right now I'm too exhausted to do anything but type, so I'm taking a break and writing you.

I've been printing today -- a large print (42 x 77 inches) -- pulling an edition of 10 of these from 17 blocks (full sheets of 1/4" cherry plywood) -- had hoped to be farther along, but I guess I'm out of shape! I managed only to get three blocks printed today (struggled with power outages, sweat dripping on paper, bunch a little irritations and interruptions -- but like your crow, the current print is in shades of blue (a lot of my woodcuts are in blues -- homage to Japanese aizure-e of the mid-1800's), the image this time is a larger-than-life reclining nude on bed...

You can see much of my recent work on my Mike Lyon's Mokuhanga BLOG -- mostly large prints and pen and ink drawings -- but if you look at older archives, you can see the big press I built and the (very cool even if I do say so myself) paper humi-drawer which allows me to register and reliably drop very large, damp, limp sheets of paper onto my blocks (water-borne pigments). Older work including lots of woodcuts are on my website if you're curious...

Or visit an exhibition of my recent prints and drawings which opens September 1, 2006 at Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art, 2004 Baltimore, Kansas City!

Anyway -- nice crow! You still making woodcuts? I'd have emailed you directly, but couldn't find your email in your blog -- but you can reply to me at if you like.