Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Little Tree

Happy Little Tree
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From our outing to Englewood Park, Gladstone, Missouri (or is it Kansas City still?) yesterday. There's also a little pond with lots of fishermen, women & children pulling out little sunfish and bluegills, families of Canada geese, a jungle gym and sand pit along with softball/baseball fields and only one port-a-john! There used to be a real bathroom, but it was 40-50 years old and torn down last year. Needs to be replaced!!

Anyway, I got out my little Van Gogh box with some of my new Daniel Smith watercolors stuck to the palette and splashed around in them with a waterbrush while the kids played. I warmed up by drawing henna doodles and a hopscotch grid on the sidewalks with chalk. We keep a bucket of it in the trunk for just such emergencies! It was such a lovely mild day Sunday.

Wonder what the rest of the summer will be like? We do have our family membership to Union Station to escape the heat. Science City, the Rail Experience and Extreme Screen movies will be a good thing! Hey, they put a snack vending machine in on the lower level by the snack bar! Cheap snacks!!!

I have been making art lately, just not posting a whole lot of it...color wheels and such, trying to learn some color theory stuff and understand a little more about color choices...

Oh, and I picked up my remaining painting from Powell Gardens last week. It wasn't the Oncidium that sold, it was the Brassia! I'm secretly (ok, not so secretly) glad, the Oncidium is my favorite! It can hang on the wall for a while!

I don't know if they've sent out anyone's art from the show, but you can call them and check...

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