Sunday, September 20, 2009

Conga Players - Mill Creek Park

Yesterday was the 24th Worldwide Sketchcrawl! We were a little busy, being the day before my son's 7th Birthday party, but we managed a little time enjoying our city! After dropping R and her friend and mom off at the Plaza theater, we drove around a bit and settled on playing at Mill Creek Park. This 6 block-long park along Broadway/Nichols Parkway on the Eastern border of the Country Club Plaza and is home to the JC Nichols Fountain, a most recognizeable landmark. About half-way up the green, we found a pair of conga-players enjoying their rhythms and the mild air. As an amateur hand-drummer, myself, I could appreciate their complexity, stamina and joy in playing. My son enjoyed them, also, playing nearby and dancing for a while. The painted one was done in Photoshop with my new pen tablet, trying out different paintbrushes and blending modes. The text was "painted" on the page, also, using a calligraphy brush. Wonderful evening!

Cheers to all other sketchers!


john.p said...

I like the congo player w/colorful drum. I also recognize where you were, as we get to the Plaza a few times a year. Didn't realize your household is only 60 miles from our household. Never thought to sketch around Plaza and Westport, as we're shopping and hectic, but it would be a good spot.

Ramona Davidson said...

I really like your painting and sketching. I think that you can draw and paint on site is wonderful. It's something to be treasured.

Ramona Davidson said...

P.S. Sorry, I forgot to thank you for your kind words you left on my blog. Have a wonderful week.