Saturday, July 10, 2004

2004 ATCs

Here's some other ATCs I've done this year. This one is a construction paper stencil with tissue paper behind it. I did the pumpkin the same way.

I based this one on a rubber stamp I carved at Halloween time.

These five were for a USA ATC swap held by Jane Widman, there were some great cards in this swap, I'll have to scan them soon. This was Prismacolor pencil and ink on a card with the state outline printed from the computer.

The Sears Tower was hard to do but turned out great!

The cards all have something of the state flag as the background. I got them from

Iowa was probably the easiest. We drove through the state twice last weekend!!

Hawaii was the hardest, I had to do it twice because of the flag, I gave up doing it in proportion to the card size and just used the width measurement to go on.

Next are the cards I did for the India/Bollywood swap. These were fun!

This was loosly based on an arabesque pattern. When it was done, I thought it looked like a chakra. Yellow is the color of the Manipura or solar plexus chakra. Posted by Hello

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