Wednesday, June 29, 2005


This is one of the photos I have on morgueFile for people to download. I got this email the other day from someone using it:

RE: Malinda Welte aka sideshowmom @ Morguefile

Malinda -
I wanted to let you know that I am using one of your Morguefile photographs -Hands - as the page set for a poetry submission in our Ezine Ragged Edge Publishing. Your photo is wonderful. I love it. (I did tweak it just a bit to get the integration I needed.) Links are provided below so that you may see what I've done. I hope you approve, if not, let me know immediately and I will remove it from our site. We at REP would like to thank you very much for allowing us free use of your work. Without the generosity of people like you, the creativity of people like us would be greatly hampered. We are a site for new writers, as well as published authors. We don't charge for anything we do, thus we don't make any money, and in fact spend a great deal of that, and time, doing it. But, writing is the love of our lives as I'm sure the art of photography is yours. Any photo
resource available to us at no charge is worth far more than the price put on the photos at those "pay per download" sites.
Again, Thank You Very Much for sharing your art with us. We invite to come to our site and partake of ours.

With kind regards,

Deb Tyndall, Editor
Ragged Edge Publishing
or direct to
If neither of these links work
please enter into your browser
enter the site, click on POETRYand scroll to Blessed
Part of Me.
PS : If you would be so kind, please reply with a bit of a
bio of yourself - we are creating a special Artists and Photographers
Contributions page.

Neat! This photo has been downloaded over 100 times since I posted it May 17. Posted by Hello

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Wow, so cool, congrats!