Saturday, July 02, 2005

EDM #10 - My Hand

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I've recently started Bellydance classes and these are my first set of finger cymbals. I'm really not supposed to start with them yet, I jumped the gun and got a really cheap set with the thought of entertaining my kids. My next set will be Saroyan zills, the best. I liked drawing my hand, I think my hands are very graceful and I am able to do a great many things well with them--almost anything I put my mind to. One of the things my husband likes about me is that I can fix lots of things, and if I can't, I almost always know what's wrong with them. This week, I got my very dusty stereo out and cleaned all the components out, dusting, and cleaning switches and slides. It went from scratchy, static in the volume and CD player to a nice, clean sound. I have a nice stereo. I put the components together when I was working at Radio Shack in the late '80s, carefully matching the components, dual tape deck, receiver matched to Minimus 7 speakers and a 6-disc CD changer, DVD player and VCR hooked in to the system. No surround, it wasn't available then, just barely. I'll do that when I get into a house. And HD. And a new computer. And my darkroom.


Terri said...

Hi Malinda,

At first I thought your hand had seven fingers!! Good thing I read your blog entry. :o) I'm sure it would have been more obvious to me in a larger photo: my eyes are not what they used to be!! Great drawing though. I love the rings and yes, you do have lovely graceful hands. Well done.

Laura said...

How great that you are so 'handy!' I took belly dancing a couple of years ago with a buddy--we had a great time. Enjoy your lessons---the music is lovely, isn't it? Nice drawing, M.

Anonymous said...

Very nice hand drawing. Love the addition of the finger cymbals. I have a set of those too..I bought them to go with a Halloween costume one year. They're fun.


Karen Winters said...

I admire your drawing ... and your "handiness" too. I am handy in the kitchen and garden but with mechanical things, no way. Will you share some belly dancing photos some time? Hint hint?

Jim said...

Hi Malinda, Nice hand and I like the added touch with the castinets. Good luck with the bellydancing! I understand it's great exercise, though not a form I'm likely to get involved with...:-)

Kathleen Marie said...

I love the belly dancing idea. What fun! Great job on the hand sketch!