Sunday, July 24, 2005

EDM #24 - Fruit

Originally uploaded by SideShowMom.
The kids woke up just as I finished the fruit and wanted it for breakfast! I had sketched the plate and shading on it but couldn't get the right colors easily, it's a celadon blue, so I did the plate and background in PITT pens. The peach and bananas are watercolor.


Kathleen Marie said...

Malinda, nice job on the fruit sketch. I like the energy you captured in the pencil strokes. :)

Karen Winters said...

Very nice complementary colors - it looks so cheerful!

kiyotei said...

Side Show Mommy is looking good.
Very nice stuff here.
I added you to my bloglist!

Take care,


Linda said...

This is really well done! I like the highlights, and how you included the brown spots on the bananas.

Shelly McC said...

Nice work Malinda. Love the colour. Very vibrant. Looks great.

Terri said...

Good job Malinda. :o) I also like the complimentary colours and the spots and highlights on the bananas.

Lindsay said...

What a lovely composition! It's so much fun to see what you are doing.

Big Harry H said...

I'm totally digg'n the colors!!!!

It's so nice to see your work!

Big Harry

Malinda said...

Wow, thanks guys! I guess I got it "right" this time! LOL! It was fun to do and didn't seem like such a struggle (except for holding the fruit away from the kids long enough :)).