Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blogging & Bribes

1-4-07, originally uploaded by SideShowMom.

Hi Everyone on the Superblog! Michael was kind enough to add me today! Thank you!

I've been inactive for a while, since about May, and am on day 4 drawing again! I finished re-ready "Everyday Matters" this morning and am making a new batch of pocket moleskine-like sketchbooks as this one is on it's last two pages. If you'd like to look, they're on my flickr in the Making Books set here.

Hi to all the new EDM members! I look forward to seeing your work as I go through the links of the challenges and blogs! I am also getting more active on the Botanical and Naturalist group, Hi to you, too!

Rianna's in first grade and has homework every night (!). Tonight it's addition and subtraction of numbers up to 20. She get's real stubborn about getting started so we did some bribery today after some tickling to get her woke up and alert. Rold Gold pretzels are a good bribe for her but I didn't want her filling up before supper, so she only got 1/3 of a stick per right answer!


Felicity said...

Great to see you blogging again! Thanks for your comments!

Marilyn said...

Wow, Sideshow Mom, have you ever been busy. I checked out all your new sketches. The two chairs attract me for some reason -- perhaps it's the angles they are on and the curves of the legs. Nice work.

SideShowMom said...

Thank you and you're welcome Felicity!

Marilyn, those chairs are works of art in their own right, rich in Rococco details! I'll try to photograph them next time they're on display. The gallery's being expanded and that room has been closed for a while.