Saturday, February 17, 2007

Raquy's New Drumhead

Raquy's New Drumhead
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I got the art done on the new drumhead painting for Raquy Danziger's birthday present. She had her birthday just before the St Louis workshop. I had brought my Raquy Signature drum with me and had painted the head of mine. She really liked it, so, I had her husband send me a spare drum head when they got back home so I could paint one for her. This is different from mine. I found some different pigment materials that make it a little more like mother-of-pearl and a little more sparkly and used an opaque black paint. I do need to find a different carrier for the pigments, the one I've been using peels off and when I took my drum head off, the mylar contracted, the paint didn't. I'll head to a hobby shop I know that sells paint for Lexan R/C models, it's much more suitable for this. I'll see if there's a clear version that I can add my pigments to. I have some more time, Raquy's in Egypt for a while longer. I'll also re-do mine, too.

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caseytoussaint said...

This is impressive. I'm amazed by all the different media you work in.