Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bikes at the Park

Bikes at the Park
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Kids have me working on some projects now that the paintings are delivered and there is a choreography to learn for the student recital at my bellydance school. We have spring break right now, so it's kid time! Rianna and I bought a Breyer kit to paint two horse models, she wants hers to be a palomino and I'm partial to yellow horses, too! I might try some antiquing in the mane and tail (the paints are acrylic and I used to paint ceramics so this is pretty familiar territory).

It was a grand warm day yesterday here and my DH took the day off to go to the park with us! We got the little bike out and both kidlets took turns riding it. Geordan's way too big for his trikey, so I've had him riding in the basement on sister's bike and he was ready to solo! It was really funny seeing sister's Barbie helmet perched on his too-big head! He didn't care! While he and DH were running to the local gas station, I got a chance to sketch my girl riding back and forth by me

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caseytoussaint said...

Nice sketches - wish I could come out to see your show!