Thursday, April 03, 2008

EDM #035 - Draw a Bicycle or Part of One

Geordan's home sick with a fever. Nothing hurts and his breathing's fine, he just feels puny and has a 102 temperature. We went to Wal-mart and got an air pump for the bikes. He's happily riding around and around.

Geordan's closer to leaving the training wheels behind, Rianna will take lots of coaxing, cajoling and tears to give them up! I think the key will be peer pressure-her best friend rode by on her bike a couple weeks ago-without training wheels!!

This year, Bicycle Moto-cross (BMX) will make it's debut as an Olympic medal event. The kids will love watching that! NPR interviewed the two girls on the team.

Noodler's and Lamy inks and Neocolor II soluable crayons on Fabriano Artistico hp.

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