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The Newbern

The Newbern
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Built in 1921-1923 and designed by Ernest O Bronstrom. It's at 525 E Armour Boulevard at the North end of Hyde Park, one of the most affluent areas of Kansas City in the 1920s. The style is called "Sullivanesque" after Chicago Architect Louis Sullivan, mentor of Frank Lloyd Wright, and is characterized by the profuse ornamentation and visual division of the vertical towers into zones. Originally two separate towers sporting 6-foot terra cotta peacocks over the doorways, the "unfortunate birds" scared patrons and were removed, one taken by Bronstrom for his garden. The central, barrel-vaulted connection and new doorway (that I drew) was added in 1925. The apartment-hotel is listed on the Missouri and National Historic Building Registers. The entrance is grey limestone with terra cotta ornamentation, framed by two wrought-iron and stained-glass lamps.

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Noodler's Lexington Grey ink and Graphitint watercolor pencils on Bristol Vellum in my sketchbook.

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