Saturday, July 12, 2008

EDM #069 - Draw a Beverage

EDM #069 - Draw a Beverage
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I like coffee and tea. I tried Mom's cup when I was young and found just the right ratios of sugar, milk, creamer and honey to make each kind palatable and enjoyable. This week I wandered into a shop that sells Chinese teas. The owner let me have some samples and told me what kinds they were and where they were grown. The next day I went back and bought some. This is White Peony King whole leaf tea--without sugar, cream, milk or honey! The cup's a bone china with a wheat stalk design on the other side (not sure why the cup was turned backwards, I'm right-handed mostly) and very shiny. We found a set of four at our old recycling center. They had a table for "treasures" that we donated to and found new additions at. Better than a garage sale!

Watercolor and Noodler's ink.


Stephanie said...

how pretty and the tea sounds devine!like the reflection in the side of the cup. What a find! 4 of them? for free? Wow!

Deb said...

Beautiful and delicate!

kazumiwannabe said...

That's nice! I like the cup and how you drew and colored the tea leaves (not an easy task!)