Friday, May 26, 2006

Hydrants and Firefighters - EDM #66

Hydrants and Firefighters
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When I was 6 or 7, I went to vacation bible school in Smithville. At the end of the week, there was a parade and I got to ride on top of a fire truck.

When I was 12 or 13, a girl next door used her toaster and it caused a fire that burned the kitchen of the duplex on the other side of ours. The girl's family had to move and lost some of their possessions due to smoke and water damage. There was a crack in our kitchen wall from the firefighters chopping out the burned bits with their axes. Our apartment smelled like burned plastic for a long time.

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When I was going to school at DeVry (1986-88) there was an explosion at a gravel quarry near 87th street and Blue River Road near Swope Park. Someone had set fire to a trailer full of fertilizer that the quarry used to blast out gravel. When the fire company arrived, no one told them what was in the trailer and it exploded, killing six firefighters and injuring others. The blast could be heard 20 miles away and broke windows all over the area. I was in the area, staying with a friend. I heard it. There is a memorial there now.

Rianna on 9\11
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When I lived at the car shop, Storm and I volunteered with the Red Cross Disaster Aid Teams as monitors. We would listen to a scanner for fire calls. When there was a fire in an occupied residence or more than 2 alarms called, we called the RC to send the IRV (Immediate Response Vehicle). It had blankets and coffee and relief items for firefighters and victims. One time there was a fire across the street from the shop. We went and watched the firefighters work. They are so efficient, fearless, tireless and courageous. Their lives are at risk every time they leave the station. People have so little respect for what they do, I see so many cars not pull over and stop when emergency vehicles have their lights and sirens on. What if it was their loved-ones' lives at stake? There's a new station being built near our apartment. We'll make sure they know they're appreciated!


Lin said...

MY GOSH!!! What memories!!!! GREAT sketch -- and mercy!!

Mary Ellen said...

I really like the persepctive you chose for the first sketch. :)I also really like how you painted it ... wicked. :)
Mary Ellen

Sue said...

My vote's with Mary Ellen. Delightful!

suzanne said...

Your talent extends beyond your photography and drawings. Your writing is poignant and thought provoking.

Malinda said...

Thank you Suzanne, Sue, Mary Ellen and Lin! Your are so generous!

Malinda said...

Oops, that should be "You are so generous!" You ladies inspire me as well!!