Thursday, May 04, 2006

People You Don't Know

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Hi! This is my husband Ron (say "hi" Ron)("Hi!"). We've been married for almost 4 years (June 30) and together for almost 13 (June 1). I just found out this morning that he used to paint.

He works as a structural drafter for a company that builds commercial buildings, Butler Construction, in the heavy structures division. His currently working on the US Tennis Association's new building in New York to be finished before the 2007 US Open. He has previously worked on automotive conveyors, commercial office buildings and sports arenas. He was the first person to design a building in AUTOCAD at Black & Veatch, the largest engineering firm in KC. In his early design days, he renovated a number of McDonald's restaurants in the Greater KC area, including the Country Club Plaza restaurant in Seville Square. As part of the remodel, he produced the drawings from which the Seville, Spain bas-relief mural was based. I have his ink on illustration board drawing and plan to have a clean copy made to frame and hang in our house (when we get a house).

I know he drew some as a young man, that's about it.

I am currently in the process of making a batch of hand-bound books; three from typing paper for the kids (their own "Moleskines") and three from watercolor paper (one for me and one to sell). I asked him,this morning, if he would like me to make one for him. He said, "yes." "What kind of paper, typing or watercolor?" "Watercolor."

His answer surprised me, I'm not sure why. I asked if he would draw in it and he said maybe he would. I asked if he had painted before and he said he had, a long time ago. "What media?" "Watercolors, some tempera and oils."

I had no idea.

I am very pleased to know this and pleased that he wants me to make him a book.

I love him!


Karen Winters said...

What a wonderful gift ... and how great to be married to an artist, too!

Julie Oakley said...

How wonderful to be surprised by your husband after all your time together!