Thursday, May 25, 2006

Rianna Comeneci

Rianna Comenici
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The kids go to gymnastics at the Kansas City Gymnastics School up in Riverside. The school has trophys lining the gym walls and banners of college girls from the gym (and a boy!). There are the usual apparatus and a big foam pit for the kids to jump into at the end of their classes.

Last weekend they held their Spring Fling. It's sort of a meet for the parents to see what the kids are up to. The gymnastics version of a recital. The kids all get scores and ribbons and everyone gets a medal!

Rianna got to participate, Geordan is sitting out for a little while. She got sixth place for Beam and Bars and third for Floor! She was so good, sitting patiently with her classmates while she waited to be called! She even tried a trick on the beam that she had been afraid to do! She is very proud and so are we!!

As an extra bonus, some of the college girls were there visiting. One of them, Jennifer Naughton, did her floor exercise routine! The kids were sitting on the edge of the floor and Rianna said, "Mommy, she ran so fast and she was flying!!"

Here's video clips of the day! (Remember, no sound!)

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