Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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(Hail) is the whitest of grains,
it comes from high in heaven
showers of wind hurl it,then it turns to water.
-Old English Rune Poem

Chestnut Graphitint and Noodler's Eternal Black ink on Stonehenge paper, the rune was drawn with a C-1 Speedball pen point dipped in clear water.

Germanic/Norse Runes are something I've studied, off and on, for a number of years. It's a way for me to connect with my German heritage in a way that meshes with my spiritual practices. I had the idea to try to use the watercolor pencils in a way to illustrate the symbols, reminiscent of illuminated initials in Gothic texts. Still playing with them, this will be a bit of a journey and I'll do lots of exploring along the way. I noticed on NaBloPoMo that April's theme is letters, prompting my return to studying some of the more ancient European letterforms in a new way. This particular rune marks the beginning of my journey.

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