Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lamy Goodness!

3-15 Journal Page
Originally uploaded by SideShowMom.
This is the first "real" journal page in this book! I have a new pen and am really enjoying it. I'm trying to watch Elizabeth, the Golden Age before it expires (on pay-per-view) today. The Cub's playing on the floor in front of me with his Mini Whinnies and Star Wars and Transformers Pocket Models. I like being able to do this! I may keep using Lamy ink in this pen-maybe not blue, I'll see what's available. I plan to buy a second one, anyway, to keep another color in. One for grey waterproof Noodler's ink, the other for soluable Lamy ink. What color? Something to ruminate on for a few weeks! I'm also able to lift the ink with my waterbrush and a tissue, nice! More to spend my allowance on! We got the new MW Drafter set last night, too. They're carrying Breyers at Zoom again! It's been about 10 years, or so.

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