Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stuck Still Life

Stuck Still Life
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I'm sitting here with my morning coffee, as I did 2 days ago when I made this photograph, staring at the same page in Kate's book. It's the second page of Lesson 3 on water, sky & clouds. I'm thinking about why I'm not keeping my attention and energy in the lessons and off making the book. When I pick it up, I read "I wanted to maintain lacy foliage effects in the distant trees, as well as a lighter trunk here and there, so I used a bit of liquid mask to protect those areas, applied with an old bamboo pen." Then I stop. My brain says, "liquid mask, bamboo pen, how can I make those really portable? that's a necessary thing, i must solve this now." And off I go to the internet and look up all the art supply stores' sites for masking supplies and think about screw-top containers versus snap-top containers spilling in my backpack and how can I get the really fine lines I need to make with a bamboo pen versus a synthetic brush dipped in soapy water first to keep the mask from gumming up the brush and all the things I would have to take in my backpack to paint at the park and how I can make it so I can throw it in the pack quickly to keep up with the kids or run from rain.

And I don't get the lesson read.
And I don't paint.

Hopefully, this self-examination will clear up the matter enough, this morning, for me to actually get further than that sentence once I post this entry...we'll see!

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Ananda Devika said...

glad to see other people sit around and blog with their coffee on Saturday mornings... :)

I'm tagging you with the "quirky" meme...more details here