Friday, October 14, 2005

20 Random Things About Me

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Yesterday, Nita tagged me in the game, so here it is:

1. I'm a Scorpio.
2. I was born on Halloween.
3. I can make darn near anything.
4. I can fix darn near anything.
5. I play recorder, a medieval flute-like instrument, and have gone to Early Music festivals and done demonstrations for Music Appreciation classes. One year, my friends and I played at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.
6. I also played piano.
7. I have a full darkroom packed in storage waiting for a house to set up in.
8. In photography class, I entered a contest and was a finalist in the Best of College Photography 1999.
9. I collect dragon figurines and had some of them in Crown Center's "Tons More Things People Collect" show last summer.
10. I know how to SCUBA dive and have my own gear.
11. I love anything miniature; model trains, Zip zap RC cars, dragons, origami, books, doll house stuff, you name it!
12. I take Middle Eastern dance classes and love tribla-style and fusion dancing.
13. I live in a 2-bedroom apartment but can only use one because the other's packed with craft supplies.
14. I used to own a car body shop.
15. My favorite classes in High School were metal shop, foundry and sewing.
16. I love animals and have had snakes, marine and fresh-water fish, dogs, cats, mice, rats, a duck, a madagascar hissing roach, a tarantula and snails.
17. I also love plants and had over 200 African Violets at one time (and will again!).
18. I was a free-lance photographer for the Wednesday magazine with several cover photos.
19. I once worked in a haunted house.
20. I'm Pagan.

There, now you know too much and I'll have to disappear from the face of the Earth! I'm supposed to tag some more people, so here goes:

Ruud Janssen
Jim Bumgarner
Big Harry Hindmarsh
Kathleen Marie


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Nita said...

This is a very cool list, Malinda!

And I love how the w/c pseudo-Moleskine turned out. Looking forward to posts of your mini-paintings in it :-)