Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Hand-bound Book
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I finished my first Hedgie last week. It's a hand-made book the size of a pocket Moleskine with all the same features. The pages are 90# watercolor paper and the cover is some fabric I used for my husband and son's costumes. It opens flat, has a pocket in the back, a ribbon bookmark and an elastic band closure tea-dyed to compliment the cover fabric. I did a few things different than Leslie has on her .pdf: I made the cover from two pieces of cardboard with a paper strip on the spine for flexibility. The fabric glued to the cover should give the spine some strength; and I made the hedgie the same size as a moleskine, not quarter-letter size. I'm rather proud of the job I did; it's much better than the other books I've made. I look forward to making more and experimenting with papers and covers! Click on the photo to see other photos of the binding process.

Moleskinerie Group

Hedgehogs Forever

Leslie's illustrated binding tutorial


Anonymous said...

i am Totally Impressed!
great job, i want to try to make one :)

Shelly McC said...

This is great. Love the cover.