Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Material Girl

Originally uploaded by SideShowMom.
I took this in response to Felicity Grace's Material Girl challenge. These are the art materials I use the most right now plus some new markers we got at Wal-Mart yesterday. The kids had a ball with the markers last night! This photo has a bunch of notes on it in flickr, click and mouse over the photo to see them!


Patty said...

Neat pic, one of these days I am gonna do one of these. Thanks!

Teri C said...

I love seeing everyone's supplies. Thanks for sharing. One of these days I have to get mine done.

Linda said...

Oh my -- look at how organized you are, too! I'm amazed! This is fantastic inspiration!

Felicity said...

Fascinating!! I love the way you can hold the cursor over the pic for more info! I didn't know the moleskines were so small. What do you use the compass thingy for?