Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - History #3

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Here's the moment! My first camera! A Kodak Tele-Ektra 1 outfit. I must have been about 8, it was before the accident. I still have it!

It took 110 film and had a telephoto lens you could switch into place. That stuck after about a year and didn't work any more. I remember taking it to the St Louis Zoo where it was camera day and shooting lots of animals. I don't know where any of the photos are, probably at Mom's in one of the thousands of boxes of photos there. I also bought myself a brownie and could get film for it and shot that for a while. My dad had tons of Popular Photography magazines around and I used to dream about being able to take breathtaking landscape shots, spectacular colored-filter shots and model shots for fashion magazines. I didn't know it until much later, but I had an uncle here in town who was a photographer. I do remember seeing his large slr rig with an off-camera flash bracket and a big camera bag. My dad had a Ricoh twin-lens camera he got while he was serving in Korea in the 60's.

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