Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday - History

Photos are a way to capture what someone looked like at a particular time. They are also a way to record an event. In my Family, gatherings are always a special event. This one was Christmas of 1971. My Grandma & Grandpa Welte had three of their children visiting with their families. Here are my Uncle Curtis, his wife Marilyn, their new son Cyrus, Aunt Corliss, her husband Paul, their children Cherie and Jon, my sister and myself.

We were very lucky to have our grandparents in Missouri with us for so long. They had 11 children and I have hundreds of cousins scattered all over the country. Having my grandparents here meant that we had their primary attention and got to take trips together. One of our favorite places to go and a family tradition we have continued with my children, is the visit to Silver Dollar City (near Branson, MO) in the Fall. This water clock is still there, but not functioning any more. We took the kids for their first trip this November. Posted by Picasa

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