Thursday, January 12, 2006

Stuff in my Kitchen

Originally uploaded by SideShowMom.
The cinnamon sugar shaker on top of the Jelly Bellies tin on top of my microwave. Pigma micron ink in my Hedgie.

I've been pretty good and sketching something every day this week. More than one thing on most days. My poor old computer isn't handling all the work of scanning very well though. Oh, well, adapt and overcome... I'll scan some more later.


Lin said...

NICELY DONE!! I too tend to pile things one upon the other to save space! I really like the way you've curved the lines of the jelly belly holder!

Malinda said...

Thank you lin! Counter space is a premium in my tiny kitchen and the microwave has seemed to catch all the little things! The Jelly Belly box is a little tin like an Altoids tin, I'll do it in more detail or photograph the whole thing when I get more drawn. We also have a holder that's bean-shaped.